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Oh almighty and wise Great

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G Funk

Oh almighty and wise Great Omomatta, I humbley ask of your greatness to bestow your knowledge and acumen upon me! I like many others have aspirations and goals that I’m currently working very hard at in life. More specifically a career and geographical move. Yes, working in the insurance field pays the bills and gives my family and I a life of which I cannot complain, however I feel that there is something to which I would enjoy and strive to do better and at the same time provide an even better life.

This goal that I have been researching, planning and saving for over a year now is closer to becoming a reality, however there lies much more work and preperations ahead in order to achieve this dream. It will not be an easy one as it would relocate my family and I to the other side of the country in a land of which I know nothing about, nor do I know any of it’s inhabitants. This of coarse will seperate my better half and I from our families of which we are very close to and the South Florida life that we love.

No this is and will not be an undemanding endeavor, but it is something that is of a “primal calling” if you will. Oh great one we ask of your knowledge and direction, and if comes forth naturally, your blessing…