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hipsters should just fucking

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hipsters should just fucking die already. fuck people. especially the ones that are trying so hard to be cool. your fake love of PBR and your skinny jeans make me hate you.

i actually like Subo’s writing. yeah i said it. the issue i have with it is when he posts that shit on multiple sites. i’m one of those people that read fightlinker, watchkalibrun, and bloodyelbow (among others) everyday. and i have to say, its fucking annoying as shit when he posts the same article on all 3 sites, verbatim. usually they are good the first time i read them, after i see them on multiple other sites though they become filler. if i wanted filler i’d read sherdog. he’s a smart guy and is great on the podcasts, someone just please tell him to stop all the cutting and pasting, it really takes away from any intelligent points he’s trying to make.

also, please put him on the podcast with Snowden. i thought that was a given considering the pieces he wrote on him, but if its not then make that shit happen. someone needs to call that guy out on his Trollish ways. those two on the same podcast should be a hoot.