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I actually like hipster’s,

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I actually like hipster’s, they usually buy you micro brews at bars because they want you to know they know about them

@ clint – i almost thought about adding scene kids to my list. they fit in perfectly with your #1

a re-enactment of a typical conversation with a scene kid

me: hey girl pants
SK: hi
me: why do you always wear girl pants and a tight shirt of a band you’ve never listened to? it has to be brutally uncomfortable?
SK: cause all my friends do….who’s the band playing on your stereo?
me: give up the ghost
SK: I”VE SEEN THEM LIKE 5 TIMES, the first time was in this basement in chicago in front of like 50 people, before anyone had ever heard of them. their old stuff is way better
me: whatever…….douchebag