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due to the fact that I am

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due to the fact that I am rarely attracted to ridiculously hot women (because I hate them so much) I almost never have trouble talking to women.

however when i met lisa at a bar in East Lansing last summer I could barely speak words. easily the worst showing i have ever made in front of a women (and i once vomited on a girl who later gave me a hummer in the back of my old cavalier) anyhow she is without a doubt the prettiest girl i have ever met in person. I don;t even have words….

imagine my surprise when i found this

one of the qestions should have been: remember the skinny guy with the raybands and the social distortion shirt (and the VERY angry girlfriend) you met at crunchy’s? he still burns for you

edit: it says she is 20 which is odd since i met her in a bar