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Though many dislike Frank Mir


Though many dislike Frank Mir and hate him even more after his last fight, I’d still put him in “The real HW Division”. On the end of it, maybe, but I think he has still what it takes to be there. If you get past his annoying shittalking he is a real good fighter. Apart from his fight with Cro-Cop he has never been in a boring fight, Mir-fights are fun to watch, it doesn’t matter if he wins or lose, he is a guarantee for a memorable finish (getting his head kicked to pulp by Wes Sims, breaking Tim Sylvia’s arm, pulling a kneebar on Lesnar after showing tremendous amount of heart by surviving a hell of a beating, knocking out Nogueira, getting punished by both Lesnar and Carwin in wonderful fashion and recently kneeing Cro-Cops skull in [yeah the fight was boring but that finish.. delicious! on a side-note: I think Mir’s knees are way underrated, according to Brock those knees in their second fight were closer to knocking him out than 53092913454 of Carwin’s inaccurate punches]

I still don’t get why so many people place JDS under Cain, he seems to be the more intelligent and technical fighter with more experience and he has proven himself against bigger challenges as JDS did. Nonetheless I don’t see any of the two beating Lesnar.