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^Does that mean frank mir is

Home Forums MMA Related I totally agree with Bas Rutton on the HW Division. ^Does that mean frank mir is



^Does that mean frank mir is #1 since he took brocks leg? People get better.

What irritates me is how people try saying brocks wrestling is legendary, he is just a big mother fucker. His wrestling isnt very good, when have you ever seen him shoot a real shot? He fucking tackles people. Not saying it isn’t effective, but dont try to sell me him being a legitimate wrestler. He’s not.

Schrute, sure but look at all he has accomplished in K-1. Dude is a fucking monster. He can out strike ANY hw in the world in mma. And he qualified for ADCC in 2005 so he has legit jitz. I dont get how people dont see alistair as a legitimate HW.