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Barnett is a juice monkey. He


Barnett is a juice monkey. He has been popped three times and has never admitted it. Blames everyone else for his positive tests. That’s why he’s not in the UFC.

Werdum gets KTFO by JDS, fights a LHW in Mike Kyle, looks like crap against Big Foot, defeats Fedor and now he’s the man? How do we know beating Fedor isn’t his ceiling? I want to see a couple more fights out of him before we declare him elite.

Fedor will never fight in the UFC. M-1 would rather eat shit and die than let him fight in the UFC. You guys need to get that idea out of your head. He’s never coming over.

Overeem wont fight in the UFC because he makes a lot of money in K1. The UFC wont pay him what he makes in K1 because he’s a nobody in the US. We know who he is because we’re die hard fans, but the average Joe doesn’t know who he is. If he’s willing to take a pay cut and a prorated contract, then we might see him in the UFC.