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I could also continue to be

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I could also continue to be correct about a lot of things that you’re wrong about (ie, accurately playing BJ/Sherk historically, not attacking the WEC for their PPV while advising Strikeforce to do Batista/Lashley [how’s that looking these days?], etc). Your industry contacts swear you to secrecy, so the secrets they tell you are about as relevant as a hill of beans (you sure did blow the lid off of the Zuffa endorsement racket by pointing out a fighter on a prelim thought $5,000 for his shorts was a terminable offense). And writing a book about history doesn’t mean you know shit about the present, especially since – and this is key – the history of MMA is not going to repeat itself.

What’s adorable about this, is that anyone that said shit like this about you on BE would get banned there. Hooray for freedom of speech, not fearing criticism and bashing people that manipulate the sport’s history to make money.