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can’t help myself – JWOWw and snooki for that matter are the worst kind of human being and shouldn’t lawfully allowed to be seen in public.

vapid worthless bitches who have this horribly bloated sense of self worth and undeserved accomplishment because dudes fall all over themselves to give them shit and shower them with praise when really they’ve accomplished nothing at all. it’s like there is this entire caste of talentless, boring, stupid, whore painted bitches out there whose sole purpose is to act like a goddamned moron and piss me off at bars. and then i can’t even say anything to these cunts without their goddamned plucked, tanned and roided guido boyfriends hulking out and trying to stomp on my face.

honestly id be happier if every one of these asshats were rounded up and shot into the sun

how can this—> be greeted with anything other than a hearty WTF and a big helping of laughter and ridicule


edit: this is not a question