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@ Frickshun….Let’s see here….why did she freak out. Lets list a few “possible” reasons:

1. She was embarrassed because…well, you were wearing a fucking speedo. Jersey isn’t Australia yo.
2. She was jealous because, obviously, every woman on the beach was ogling your wedding tackle.
3. She was so turned on by the vision of your little baby thimble that she drooled all over her shirt.
4. She was pissed off because you were actually washing the sand off a 6′ Amazon chick with your tongue.

Clearly she doesn’t want her man running around in his skivies on the beach. Clearly she’s blind, because let’s be honest….nobody else was looking. Well except for that chick over by the bar that puked on her boy’s shoes….don’t act like you didn’t remember.