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This is me in a good



This is me in a good mood!!

Got another fuct up thing that happened to me:

Warming up for a grass volleyball tourney in Connecticut. I was peppering by myself (b/c I’m a hyper kid) under a tree. Turns out there was a HORNETS NEST about 10′ up & smacking the ball around got them agitated. I was also wearing a bright orange Nike ACG shirt. Needless to say they swarmed on me & I ran away smacking my head, face & body to get them off. I was pretty sure I got away unscathed as I played the entire day w/no visibile bites or pain.

Woke up the next morning & 1 side of my face was swollen up so bad I looked like Rocky Dennis from Mask!! Completely unrecognizable. Apparently, I got stung on the nose or cheek & had a nice reaction. Took 2 days for the meds to get my face back to normal.