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Well sir for the record i

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Well sir for the record i decline your challenge, but unfortunately as Rashads beloved team mate Keith “Glass Jaw” Jardine knows, you cant train your chin and Rashads has looked mighty suspect his last few fights.

Granted his opponents have all been decently hard hitters, Thiago Silva Clipped him and he was on queer street for a good while, Previously to that he got ktfo’ed by machida as we all know, and Rampage clipped him and he wobbled like a bobble head a few times.

Now Shogun hits like a Fk’ing truck we all know, machida for damn sure knows. I really think Rashads luck will run out with Shogun.

The only thing that keeps me from being 100% on the fight is the frequency of the belt changing hands and shogun will be coming off a decent lay off which we all know what happens to shogun when he gets sidelined…

Edit for clarification, what happens to shogun is his cardio goes out the window which would make it VERY easy for Rashad to work his LnP style. (