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agreed about Rashad fighting

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agreed about Rashad fighting the murders row of opponents. for some reason i just don’t care for that guy though. i respect his skills, but just don’t enjoy watching him fight as much as most people. something about his personality rubs me the wrong way (maybe its just me being a picky MMA fan) and his fighting style can get very Maynardish at times. that Rampage/Rashad fight was hard to watch, so frustrating. i agree its up to the person being taken down to be able to counter the top control of human blankets like Rashad but its maddening to watch as a fight fan sometimes. i used to wrestle so i appreciate the skill involved, i just hate it when they don’t do anything with the position. even though rashad has some great highlight reel stuff, he’s also a perfect example of a guy who will lay on you and hump till the bell rings to get the W.

good point about the string of opponents though.