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yeah, having the chat as a

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yeah, having the chat as a tab to be clicked on at any time would be a great option for the site. like an irc chat room for jackals but just on the site like the chat usually is during the big shows, just keep that shit open for whenever it might be needed (even the crappy regional shows on HDnet would be nice to have a chat room for). i know i can’t get people around here to get exited for shows like bellator (even though i watch that shit) so it would be really nice to have the jackal chat room to add to the event, it really adds to the experience. MMA is always more fun with other people to watch it with, and the fightlinker chat always has some cool motherfuckers in it to watch the show with (some of these jackals are pretty fucking smart, and know their MMA). its a nice option. so just leaving it open all the time like an irc chat room would be fucking awesome.

also, @glassjawsh:
i have to disagree about the college basketball/football parallel you mentioned. it doesn’t fit in the same way. a better example would be the AA and AAA baseball feeder leagues. promotions like DREAM and SHINE are very good examples of minor leagues that help to cultivate talent until they are ready to move up to the big leagues. Strikeforce seems to not fit that example though, and reminds me more of the Japanese baseball league (which is bigger then AA or AAA baseball is in this country) where past their prime athletes go to stay relevant, but they still aren’t in the big leagues anymore, its just big league compared to the smaller shows.