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@ ferretwraith – since matt serra was unranked when he won the belt (thus invalidating any list of 6 that includes their first fight) we have can only calculate gsp’s next 6 fights (Koscheck > Hughes > Serra (meh) > Fitch > Penn > Alves) #4, #3, #2, #2, #2 lightweight, #2

at first glance the thought that comes to mind is HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!

but i think it almost entirely depends on where you place a murderface prime BJ Penn in the WW division before his fight with GSP

a glance at the top ten WW rankings in January 2009

1. Georges St Pierre
2. Thiago Alves
3. Jon Fitch
4. Josh Koscheck
5. Jake Shields
6. Carlos Condit
7. Matt Hughes
8. Diego Sanchez
9. Karo Parisyan
10. Dustin Hazelett

keep in mind that BJ Penn is my favorite fighter, ever. But i believe that the top 5 guys on this list would pretty much mop the floor with him GSP style, if you consider that carlos condit was overrated and that matt hughes had already beaten BJ decisively 2 years prior it’s pretty safe to say that you could rank BJ Penn as the #7 welterweight in january 2009.

which changes the list to 4, #3, #2, #2, #7, #2

add up the total aggregate and you get 21 (exactly the same as rashad’s current streak) GOOD FIND HOMIE!