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@ subo – i usually agree with you (actually you usually agree with me, but that’s another debate) but you’re wrong about this (or your’re just trolling, which is ok). shine is a great minor league (just like shark/bellator/taichi palace/mfc/gladiator challenge) whose purpose is basically to groom fighters to move on to the next level (i count strikeforce as a major league because their top fighters get paid like they’re in the UFC, well except for jake shields who actually makes less). and for the most part they succeed toward that end.

a good parallel to use is how college football/basketball is essentially a feeder system to the NFL (without the promotion/ relegation) while the rules are slightly different and the talent level isn’t the same (and they aren’t getting paid… much) they are still playing the same game and being groomed for greatness on the grand stage.

you are letting your fanboi goggles impair your vision, everything that is not the UFC is not inherently bad