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Me “Subo you attention

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“Subo you attention seeking cunt. Your the kid in high school who prides himself that no one likes him and acts like he doesn’t care. But, we all know your a just a baby thats empty and lonely, with nothing interesting or important to say.”

“You sound like the kid that ruled the roost in high school and now serves fries to current high schoolers”

“Do you even have a job Subo? I hear rumors you live in your moms basement”

Rumors? I’VE said that shit before. If we’re going to start determining who is a man and who isn’t by who makes how much money, then Glenn Beck could kick all our asses.

Lot of dumb kids at college. Luckily, that makes things easier on me.

Your not very good at this arguing thing are you Subo? Take a debate class and educate yourself son, or shut the fuck up when adults are talking.