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people have always known FL

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people have always known FL had a forum. you should be happy people actually take the time to post in it now that the sites been updated.

as far as “attracting a lot of tardass”, you seem to be unaware of some important history. the most successful mma forums today (UG, Sherdog) got to where they were because of trolls. when sherwood started his site, it was pretty much dominated by trolls. without them it wouldve been a ghost town. and as for the UG /, the best and most entertaining posts were always IMPs, fake news stories, anti gracie trolling, shit like that. and since there is no question that sites like sherdog, the UG and even FS kept mma afloat for years, a certain debt is owed to the trolls who brought so many hits to those sites.

hopefully the FL guys are able to deal with the viagra bots spamming. but the other silly posts are probably more beneficial than detrimental, at least for now.