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I don’t look forward to cards

Home Forums MMA Related Which UFC are you looking forwards to? I don’t look forward to cards



I don’t look forward to cards so much as fights but the fights im most geeked about (basically I define “geeked” as fights that if i missed i would ignore the results of until i could watch them on mma-core) in the next 2 months are:
UFC 119: Mir v Cro Cop, Serra v Lytle
UFC 120: Bisping v Akiyama
UFC 121: Lesnar v Velazquez, Tito v Staphed Up Deaf Guy
UFC 122: Belfort v Okami

Strikeforce: at this point all i care about is Diaz fucking up Noons’ stupid face

Dream.16: Miller v Saku, Mousasi v Mizuno (I’m into Grand Prix’ no matter how big of a sham they are), Warren v Omigawa (even though it could turn into a hump fest)

edit: I forgot that Huerta was fighting Alvarez on october 21