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sure it will work. it’s ingenious actually. yet another way for google to convince you to carry one of their tracking devices on you at all times. android phones that track everywhere you go, everyone you speak to, every message you send, etc aren’t enough. convincing the world that they now need to carry a tracking device ON THIER FUCKING HEADS ALL DAY is a logical next step for a company that wants to know every single thing about you in order to make more money off of you and other more sinister motives.

a significant percentage of people cannot live without their glasses. that number will surely grow due to various reasons, most importantly due to a culture where children age 2 and up are entranced all day and night in front of a computer, game console or television screen.

and those who are lucky enough to be born with good eyesight and somehow maintain it will also be highly subject to this new tracking method through google glass equipped ray ban wayfarers and armani aviators. in fact, people will go in droves to buy faux eyeglasses with google glass because the media has dictated to them that this is cool and necessary.

most will at first say what i’ve said above is a wacky conspiracy theory. whatever. but if you actually believe that wearing a tracking device ON YOUR FUCKING HEAD ALL DAY is a good idea, you’re completely fucked. enjoy your enslavement in the name of “progress”.