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i was at this store called

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i was at this store called five below where everything is $5 or less shopping for those low weight coated dumbbells that you can use to get a pump just about anywhere. i personally have two in my car, two at the office and a set at my gf’s apartment. i like to do a few sets of front raises, flys, pushups, etc while she’s in the bathroom getting ready for bed. then when she comes in, she sees me laying in my underwear, all vascular and striated like a thoroughbred. you know what happens next.

so im in this five below store, and i see they actually sell butt enhancer panties for women, in different sizes. like a padded bra for the ass. they looked pretty legit and i bet a lot of chicks buy them. anyway, if arianny cant afford or doesnt want to get buttock implant surgery, she should A. avoid public nakedness for about a year and B. immediately get some of these padded panties to wear every day including while working ufc events.

while she buys time with the padded panties, she should start a good supplement stack, diet, and lower body exercise routine. most women born with flat asses mistakenly think that they are cursed with it for life, but this is untrue. girls who target the glutes properly with exercises as simple as squats and leg presses with additional exercises such as leg curls and abductions can develop a tight round ass. obviously it will never be a j lo booty but it can really shape things up a bit.

i wouldn’t be surprised if arianny actually takes this advice and has a nice ass by this time next year. i know a lot of people read my stuff here because i see it reposted in one way or another on other sites a week or so later. so if youre reading this arianny just message me and ill give you some tips.