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What da fuck nigga? Lay you

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G Funk

What da fuck nigga? Lay you pimp hand scrong. WTF can’t you see that the title says, “Askk HomoFernando”?

Frick I hope “you’re” putting that money to good use and preparing for a shitty day. If your employment longevity has any faults, it’s the lack of job security awareness and the tribulations that unfold. I too started working for a good company young and began making six figures soon thereafter. Business was always plentiful for the eight years I worked there. Ballin. Until the owner lost his nuts to the Real-estate and Stock Markets along with a couple of bad non-related business flops… Oh Fuck. Where did the FUCKING money go? So was the greatest question in the world. I mean I saved some, but I promptly realized it wasn’t enough. No where near enough.

Now obviously since my field of expertise was so valuable for so long and I have a great resume with my former employer to back me up to the fullest, I would surely come across an equal endeavor fairly swift no? HA! Within 6 months we were chewing on cables.

Now I bounced back. It took just over a year. Through that time it was almost an employment re-birth starting odd-jobs here and there taking anything that came until positions opened up with some network relationships I previously made. However, I feel it was a good thing to experience as it completely changed the way we view and manage our money.

I’m in the market for a 10 acre chunk with a house fairly close to the city and invest in as much self-sustainability as possible. Wind turbines are alot cheaper than I thought, wells are already drilled out there and the land ready to infuse. If I invest in that now, a rainy day or collapse of the dollar wont hurt quite as much.

Though now I remembered “you’re” a Jew and therefore have lots of jewgold burrowed away in a closeable jew-egg. Jew. Stoned open rant. mybad