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what are your thoughts on all the sabre rattling and gnashing of teeth going on in this country? a class system revolution or just another footnote in a long history of oppression?

There’s been a historical pattern going for a long time now where each generation has had significantly greater wealth and status of living than the one before it.  Ask your grandparents what shit was like even before the Depression and you’ll realize how poor the average person used to be relative to now.  My father-in-law grew up in Switzerland right after WW2, and he remembers scavenging for coal by the railroad tracks with his father.  That’s probably an extreme story, and Europe had it rougher than us, but even here people simply didn’t have “disposable income” like so many of us do now.  Go back to the 1800’s and shit was even worse.  That kind of poverty just doesn’t exist in the West anymore… but it might again in the future.  The US government is basically bankrupt, and there’s a bunch of reasons why the US dollar could collapse like the house of cards that it is.  Like if the rest of the world simply stops using dollars to buy oil, which some countries are already starting to do.  That was a major reason for the Iraq war, by the way.

Anyway, there’s a shitload of Chicken Littles out there who think a “Greater Depression” is coming.  I dunno if it’ll be that bad, but I think people should definitely expect that our generation is the last of the cycle… our children will be lucky to just hold steady at the level of wealth that we have now, and there’s a good chance it’ll drop at least slightly.  And when it does, you can naturally expect widespread protests and even civil unrest, particularly from all the entitled kids who thought they’d be millionaires by the time they turned 30 or something.  I think that’s a big part of the Occupy movement… young people are realizing that the promise of a even brighter future probably isn’t going to come true, especially when they’re too entitled to actually work for it.  Folks have gotten fucking spoiled, so they’re gonna be pissed when their toys get taken away.

Which is the real reason behind shit like the “National Defense Resources Preparedness” order and the NDAA… it’s not about domestic terrorism, it’s about civil unrest.  The government is basically preparing to defend itself against its own citizens, because it knows that economic upheaval is coming.  And of course no one is gonna call out Obama on that shit, because they’re all players in the same game… they don’t wanna change the rules, they just wanna be the ones in control.

I know that sounds kinda Alex Jones-ish, but it’s not at all far-fetched.  One way or another, shit’s probably gonna get real in the next few years.