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Bear in mind I barely graduated high school & dropped out of college after 1 illustrious year.

Josh–>there’s no uprising & no revolution. I wish there were as I’m a closet socialist (gasp). Unfortunately for humanity’s sake, we are animals like any other. We are selfish by nature (not naughty) & our instincts drive us to survival (physical & emotional). When people talk about equality, what they’re saying is others have more than them so they want to be equal. Because when someone has more than someone else, they don’t say “Hey, I should have less.”

I know I may come at you as sounding callous & apathetic. In actuality, I’m saying “Hey son, wake the FUCK UP. The real world doesn’t give a shit about your ideals. In the real world, you suppress those ideas in favor of a comfortable lifestyle for you & your children. Or you live on a commune. Or you explain to your children why they’re ostracized for having 2 pairs of pants (one of which was sewn by mom).

A looooong time ago (I was 19), I had just started my current job. The owner said to me “frick, you don’t have to leave right @ quitting time.” I’ll never forget my naive response. I said “I don’t live to work. I work to live.” BWAHAHAHAAHA!! I swear to gawd I said that to my millionaire boss. Anyhoo, he didn’t let me forget it for several years. But it turns out, I’m kind of a big deal b/c I’m smart, hard-working & ambitious. I realize now that making 6 figures means more to me than ideals & a metro card for mass transit. The only things you can control in your life are relationships. Relationships are all that really matters. You can influence your friends & family to a small degree. You can mold your offspring to do the same. But you can’t fight the man. I don’t give a shit what you think you can do. But you can’t. Positively influence your friends & family. Tell them to stop buying 100 cal packs of Cheese-Its & just throw a handful into a RESUSABLE BAG. Stop driving 2 blocks to the corner store & WALK. Stop buying bottled water for fucks sake. Don’t buy a truck/SUV unless you’re a fucking contractor. I could go on & on but you won’t get it for another decade when you’re still paying college loans & have long given up on your ideals.