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Frick, most digestion occurs

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Frick, most digestion occurs within the small intestine, where enzymes and bile break down food. These enzymes, however, are unable to break down some elements, such as specific sugars in beans and other plants. Thus, undigested matter passes into the large intestine, where bacteria ferments it. This leads to the production of “flatus” (gas), composed primarily of carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen. Ironically, the more healthful and fiber-rich your diet, the more likely you are to experience flatulence. Other factors include how much air you swallow, the amount of bacteria residing in the intestine and the time it takes for food to pass through the colon. It’s not the foods themselves, but the body’s reaction to them that causes the problem.

Typically, the odor is somewhat offensive, but able to be easily managed/masked by a method known as the “walking farts”, where the flatulator strolls through the office allowing small amounts of the noxious fumes to leave the anus in small doses as to diffuse the odor. Now, in your case, when you take the natural odors of organic food decompostion and introduce quantities of day old semen……the odor is so overwhelming that you have no choice but to grin and bear it.