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Wazzup guys. Uhh, I don’t

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Wazzup guys. Uhh, I don’t know how much, or if at all I will be able to be on here once i’m in country. To get real gay on you guys, you guys are fucking awesome. I haven’t had a better group of internet friends than you. Some days you are all I have to smile and laugh my ass off. When I first starting posting here a little over a year ago you guys hated me SO MUCH but I kept doing my thang and you guys quickly got my shtick. (dick?) But, thanks for the lulz. I’ll miss coming here everyday and trying to make people I’ve never met IRL laugh. I’ll try to get on here if possible over there.
I got a new post up so if you are one of the 3 who check it out and read it it will be greatly appreciated. I write it for you guys mostly, and when I’m taking shit too seriously I can come on here, post whatever the fuck I want and find some sanity.

I less than 3 you all.