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Wow. there sure is a helluva



Wow. there sure is a helluva lot of confirmation of unconfirmable/dodgy facts goin on in here. It’s kinda like reading but less rambling. It’s like everyone actually believes that the man who wins the election will have any call. These countries will be invaded, rich cocksuckers will continue to circle-jerk each other and protect their interests alone, and we (the masses) will remain oblivious/confused/fractured, distracted by the opiates of movies/tv/video games/sanctioned violence.

I’m going to stick with the theory i’ve found has worked so well for me with religion: humans (especially those that cry the loudest how right they are, and how pure their truth) have it all wrong. some elements of truth exist, but they’re locked in a matrix of misconception and bullshit. The ideas will evolve, or they’ll bottleneck to a crashpoint, and everything will collapse, and hopefully the right ideas will emerge from that shitstorm, and we’ll know them cause they work. Till then, screw you tinfoil hat motherfuckers, you ignorant sheeple, you religious whackjobs masquerading as open minded-people, and you lazy blog writers who find reasons to abandon the interwebs for good measure.I’m gonna go watch some more fights, and save the galaxy from sapient machines in the meantime.