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I love listening to you fools



I love listening to you fools banter about politics. There are so many moving parts involved that are all in some way connected. Sometimes, we are strengthening our position as the dominant world power. Sometimes, we are so concerned about stabilizing oil trade that we’d rather increase the deficit through war than make our idiot population pay more for gas (Hi there, Europe). Sometimes, we genuinely break the rules to maintain peace & safety.

I don’t support Obama b/c of campaign promises. I support him b/c he’s a hell of a lot smarter than anyone the Republicans have offered. He doesn’t have nearly the power that people hold him accountable to. He can put things on the table. He should fight harder for some things. But like all of us, he’s walking a tightrope trying to make EVERYONE happy. That is as futile as all of your pointless dialogue.

Let’s all be hedonists & enjoy some damn fights. Unlike you fat, hairy fucks, I like to mix that in w/some narcissism.

PS: Ron Paul is a complete fucking nut with 1 or 2 good ideas. Obama is definitely NOT losing votes to him.