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once again i for the most part agree with the conclusions madman has drawn. it does seem logical that the OBL death pics would surface at an opportune time in the future. you would immediately think that time would be before the election. i think the pics being leaked could be a great october surprise that puts obama’s approval rating over the top. however, this would need to be done carefully. you need the public to think the pics are the original pics that were said to be seen by select US congressmen taken before the burial at sea, and not pics that may have been taken at any other time, such as in a US morgue as this story suggests.

still, this is curious in my mind. i feel as if this election was predetermined from the beginning, mostly through the media presentation of the candidates but also through events such as the OBL killing and even potential voter fraud as we have seen before. so why leak the pics at all? maybe they’ll wind up being used for something else? who knows. one thing is for sure; they will surface.

and i agree that the syria intervention is absolutely imminent. we’re seeing it play out very similarly to the way iraq and libya played out. it’s inevitable.

the iran invasion is a bit more interesting to me. while i agree it also is coming, the powers that be seem to be taking a different tact towards it. i see obama has been stating that an attack by the US right now would be premature, and that we need to continue to try to solve the problem diplomatically. this type of talk is straight out of the ron paul platform. i believe he is using this line in order to win support back from the millions who have defected from his camp to the ron paul camp. once he has their support and ultimately the election, i expect some sort of atrocity to be attributed to iran, and an invasion to follow. both ahmadinejad and khamenei have warned that israel and the west will attempt to do this in the future.

interesting links also. i will try to familiarize myself more with thessalonians soon. while i am not the most religious person, i feel it can only help me gain perspective.