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once again thingvold, you are



once again thingvold, you are the purveyor of interesting, insightful, & perplexing questions. i might also add that you do a great service to the readers of this blog by posing said questions.
thingvolds you have known all along, just as i have, that the u.s. military in no way “buried” bin laden at sea. they only said they buried him at sea so
as to not stir up the muslim hornets nest. there is really no way that we can
ascertain the reasoning behind the governments “storing” of the body
(whether alive or dead). we can be sure, however, that photos of “dead”
bin laden WILL be released prior to this years presidential election.
DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT YOUR EYES TELL YOU. we are all aware of the fact that photographs are easily manipulated with todays technology, and we must understand that this technology WILL be used to deceive the people.
this whole story is really only a well-timed distraction to keep our focus away from the real pressing issues that the world is facing. though the major
issue for the world should be resolving the ongoing financial instability worldwide, instead the powers-that-be have thrust an imminent military conflict with iran into the forefront of our collective consciousness.
as counterintuitive as it may seem, alot of economists believe that the tried and proven way to stimulate economies is world war. therefore i’m looking
for a two-pronged attack this spring against iran (israel & u.s.) and against
syria (u.n. & u.s. & e.u.).
thingvolds, this event combined with others (the specifics of which i will not go into at this point) could very well signal the beginning of a period
of tribulations spoken of by john the revelator. i’m just sayin’.


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