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LOL, thank you for making my

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LOL, thank you for making my day. I guess this is almost my made of the day.

Made: this one has a story to it.


Last week or the week before, I was driving to the store near my house. It was icy streets. A lady in her 50’s was walking near the residential intersection. As I came to the stop, she started to walk around the corner while looking at me. I assumed she was not crossing the street since she was turning the corner. It being icy I did a slow rolling stop. As I rolled by her she looked me in the eye and flipped me the finger the entire time I went by her. I realized she wanted to cross the street. I turned my truck around and went back to her and rolled down my window. She walked up and I said in french “i didnt stop cause from a distance you looked like a miserable old bag”. it was out of character for me to do this but it was warranted.

Today I was driving along and i saw a car trying to back out of the parking space of a store that I know if a pain to back out from so I stopped and waved them on. The lady inside the car once back up wave to me thanking me I recognized the old lady from the other week and pumped an exaggerated middle finger at her and the face she gave in return was priceless.

Too many words.