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i feel your loves in my butt

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i feel your loves in my butt poundings but not in the dakata cochrane way but a straight way like Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

anyway, update on my situation. I’ve been doing less work. I come late to my office, take really long lunch breaks and leave as early as I can. So, tuesday the cpt walks in my office and asks me why i’ve been slacking. I don’t feel like working harder for nothing anymore. I get paid the same as the dumbest fucker who doesn’t do shit. what’s the difference. I’ve been flagged, basically demoted so I shall not give any more fucks.

also, if they want promotion ceremony’s to go smoothly, maybe you should fucking tell me who is going to be promoted so I can get what I need for them. At the end of every month I get reports that I give to first sergeant. He’s supposed to go over them, give them back to me and tells me who is getting promoted and various other shit that needs to be done and i send it back up. This did not happen. And of course, the blame goes to me. Buttfuck it, i’ll be the scapegoat.

I’m gonna stop ranting and being super cereal on here.