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ruined: Fuck the army. fuck

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ruined: Fuck the army. fuck my unit. fuck them all. Last week I get flagged (which means that you fucked up somehow like getting a DUI or some other shit), blocking my promotion to specialist which I’m supposed to get this friday, which marks my 2 years that I’ve been in the army. 2 fucking years. Now instead of making about 150 dollars more a month Im gonna still be making E-3 pay, which is 1,729. Now I wouldn’t mind this if I had done something wrong to deserve this. But I’ve done everything that has been asked of me. Never failed a PT test, I’m not overweight, have no negative counselings so I’m completely confused on why they would do this. I can’t wait for 2013 to come so I can get the fuck out. The army is not the place to be. I don’t know about other people but when I get thanked for my service I don’t want it. Don’t thank me for this. Don’t thank me for dealing with constant bullshit. Fuck everything about this job because it’s not worth it. I honestly don’t know the meaning behind “Thank you for your service.” Me being in afghanistan is doing nothing for you so STFU. Just pray that we get back safe and in one piece. But whatever…I’ve done too much to be fucked over like this. I’ve stayed and worked longer than both the battery commander and first sergeant just to get things done. This place scares me because I doubt they have the competency to bring back everyone alive.