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SUBJECT: Forum Betting Laws and Regulations


1. Individuals are held accountable for any bet(s) they willingly verbally and/or commentedly agree too. All bets are considered legally binding contracts. All parties involved in any bet must adhere to these rules, Internet Law and most importantly, Bird Law. 

2. All bets placed in the forums to include front page posts on are valid for life, and carries over to any immediate offspring and or relatives then on to facebook friends then to google + friends and so on and so forth. Any bet not satisfied, paid, completed or drank in an acceptable amount of time will still be valid until the “welcher” of a bet either a) pays bet* or b) deletes their account forever and never comes back. Ever.

Asterik-Bets not satisfied in reasonable amount of Earth Space Time and Internet Impatience Time force the bet into the “Danger Zone” whereby the bet only gets worse for the welcher.

3. Defining Earth Space Time: Like a fucking week. Internet Impatience Time: TODAY!!

4. The Danger Zone escalates a bet to the most extreme of suck. Simple monetary bets of single dollar values, if left unpaid can and will be Danger Zoned up to 1 Billion USD Real Life dollars. Also, bets dealing with any type of beverage drinking, lets say drinking one’s own urine can and will be Danger Zoned to include gargling urine, brushing one’s own teeth with urine and drinking your own urine every day for a week or two.

5. Winner of a bet is entitled to earnings and satisfication of bet completion by bet loser. Winner of bet decides how far Welchers are Danger Zoned by following simple math of Welch Bitch Out Time x Earth Space Time + Internet Impatience Time and carry the 1.

6. Person of Contact is Hyan Fightlinker at


                                                                         //ORIGINAL SIGNED//

                                                                         HYAN FIGHTLINKER

                                                                         OVERLORD, CANADA