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Not surprised. outraged. I

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Not surprised. outraged. I was always harboring doubt that the guy who had to be chased all over teh interwebz for a year would actually fulfill this bet. But to have lowered expectations fulfilled, is kind of a piss off. you knew that Jawsh would follow through, or else no one would take him up on any humiliation bet in the future.

Subo could even do this smart. drink shitloads of water, till he’s at the clear-piss point. That stuff couldn’t taste like anything. There was exactly zero clarification in the bet of anything to do with color. If it streams out his dick, good to go. What’s to stop him from putting some peach drink crystals in the bottom of the cup? That was never specified either. I’d actually recommend putting something like peach drink or oj crystals….piss is basic, and all basic substances taste awful. So pH balance that shit with tasty sugar n citric and ascorbic acid, and regain a shred of your pride, man!