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Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK????

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Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK???? There’s monkeys, hippies, and a bubbles-wannabe drinking piss in here, some their own, some not. But no subo drinking his own piss. Goddamn it, I was callin cerrone on that fight (yeah, idiot that i am, predicting with who I want to win), and felt bad for derek that he lost. I wasn’t even keen to see him or Jawsh humiliated by pulling the enforced Machida. But that shit(piss) was agreed to! Now we see some grade-A welching going on, that that pisses me off. Jawsh would have manned up by now, for some reason, I have no doubt of that. I won’t be watching the vid if it ever gets posted….I’m not into urolagnia. Fucking do this shit(piss) subo, so i can quit thinking of you as a welching pussy, and go back to both enjoying your articles and the inevitable acerbic hate from the jackals.