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We all drank our piss to be

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We all drank our piss to be accepted here. Drink piss or GTFO. Rules are rules. As written per Fightlinker Regulations 69-100:


SUBJECT: Drinking your own piss

1. Each member of is bound by Internet Law to drink their own piss to be accepted in the Jackal Community. If a member of does not drink their own piss they will be forever ridiculed and be the butthole of all jokes and no one will like you. Ever. Trust me bro, just drink your piss. Each new member has one business week from the date they signed up to drink their own piss. Don’t bitch out and be a pussy like Derek Suboticki.

2. Point of contact for this memoruandum is Ryan Fightlinker at [email protected] or by cell at 877-837-868.

                                                        //ORIGINAL SIGNED//

                                                       -Ryan Fightlinker 

                                                        Fightlinker Overlord, USA