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When she was a teenager, she even asked one of her friends which hole the tampon goes into and the conversation became so damn confusing that she walked away thinking the tampon is supposed to go up her ass. Holly shouldn’t be embarrassed about that. Who hasn’t as a teenager gotten drunk on the Tia Maria they stole from their mother’s secret alcohol stash in the garage and sat on the bathroom toilet thinking what it would be like to have ass sex with a tampon? Who hasn’t turned that thought into a reality and quickly realized they shouldn’t have pulled that shit (emphasis on that) out and just left it up there for a medical professional to discover twenty years later during a prostate exam. We all have!

Hazel didn’t learn that not all ladies have twin twatties until one of her boyfriends pointed it out to her. That must’ve been a fun conversation. “Um, Hazel, why are two frustrated and unsatisfied baginas frowning at me instead of one?” After Hazel’s boyfriend lovingly told her that her chocha looks like a Double Double, she went to the doctor and found out that she’s got two vaginas, two uteruses and two cervixes. Hazel also had to lose her virginity twice to really make it count.

One in the stink, 4 in the pinks?