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do it classy eat loads of

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do it classy

eat loads of asparagus prior.  piss hot piss in a wine glass.  hold it up to the light to assess the color.  where does it fit in the yellow tint – deep amber spectrum?  deepness of color indicates the heaviness of the piss.  is it frothy?  put the glass to your nose so you can detect its aroma.  does it have a heady bouqet?  Now empty the (hopefully large) glass of piss into your mouth and swish it around a bit, making note of the texture and acidity.  Now comes the easy part for you.  Swallow it.  Gulp down that smelly urine.  Let the hot piss wash down the back of your throat as you realize more than before that you are drinking something that came out of your penis.  Describe the finish (aftertaste) in vivid detail.  Now go on and try to finish the podcast all the while belching up hot blasts of pissy gas for the next 10 minutes.

i look forward to this sir