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cap, yeah he did just lay



cap, yeah he did just lay there asleep and bleeding for a couple minutes. everyone there was panicking besides me and my friend, guess they had neve seen someone choked out before. they thought he might not wake up. he eventually did and they took him to the hospital where he was held overnight.

clint i still hang out with a lot of the people i grew up with in the nyc / n. nj area. but i’m around a lot of those type of people anyway, because alcohol and drug use isn’t uncommon in the construction industry and skilled trades. i can kinda relate to those people. we’re very similar, except i have a better education. and i’m much better looking. and i’m a well rounded martial artist with high level survivalist skills.

the g wagon (paid in full, cash, btw) stays in the car park unless i need to go to a job site or meet with someone for work. 16 year old kids carjack people all the time in that area. not that i’m all too worried about that, i keep the snub nose in my lap when i absolutely have to drive through those neighborhoods, plus i had the driver side and passenger side front windows replaced with bulletproof glass. i’m looking into the legality of having the windshield replaced too, along with having the driver side door reinforced.

personally, i’ve used bjj only defensively in the street. i’m always interested to hear stories about people using it offensively in brawls.