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I wish they actually would

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I wish they actually would use it as a feeder league. Guys on the way up and guys on the way down. Established names bring recognition and also a test for the young guns against “veteran” guys. UFC usually has a bunch of guys that won’t fight for a title but are draws and fun to watch. That should keep things interesting.

^ This.  Stop pretending like Strikeforce is equal to the UFC.  Just stop, you’re fooling no one.

if i was lorenzo fertitta I would immediately charter a flight to italy, buy this woman’s soul from jabba the hut and then proceed to raw dog her on a top of a burning pile of $10,000 bills inside of a hovercraft bound for skull island until (you guessed it agentsmith) we both bled, then i would smear the blood on my face and scream like an apache warrior. then probably some butt play.

^ Also this.