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Grappo- I think you were buying into IAmPenix’s vivid imagery of me in a lab coat fucking around with test tubes all the time. Or perhaps the fact that I’m so out of touch with the younguns. But I’m definitely not old. At least, I look young enough after shaving my head (with hair, it’s fucking over) to continually pull Asian chicks in their early 20’s. As for you, I had you pegged as an Asian from day one, what with your work-robot-like GIFfing of every single fight ever. You would fit right in working at a Foxconn factory or something.

Hmm… I’ve never heard myself compared to Soszynski before, but it’s not that far off. Ryan and Jake told me that I look like Georges St. Pierre. Krzysztof + Georges = buttsechs.

Yeah, I have to be hospitable when I invite people places. It’s the (genetic but disavowed) Jewish upbringing. I can never let a guest leave my house (ok, apartment) hungry, etc. But if I don’t have any other choice, I can and will bomb any dirt worshippers I see into hunks of charred glass with American weapons.

I was expecting Frickshun to be Hispanic. But he has the brow ridge of Wallace from that claymation series Wallace and Gromit, and the scraggly facial hair of that guy who collects cans outside my apartment building.