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Frickshun- did I really say

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Frickshun- did I really say that? Haha, I don’t even remember that. I must have been even drunker than I thought! I had two margaritas and four Coors before heading over there, and once we were into the third beer bucket, I must have lost all logic and reason.

My two Asian lady friends who met up with us asked me afterwards, “why is your friend so mean to you?” I tried to give you a pass by saying that your daily ragdolling of me across the turf of a negative comedy website must have bred a sense of intimacy within your loins. I think they accepted the explanation, and now that I look like such a nice guy compared to you, I have a date with the hot one set up for next Sunday. Cheers.

P.S. DJThunderElbows, “I have to cook dinner” is about as good of an excuse for not being able to be somewhere in 5-6 hours as “I have to wash my hair”. Next time at least say you had a heart attack or something.