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this lady showed some courage



this lady showed some courage and dignity

michael moore has showed some courage and dignity here

will anyone on this list of useful idiots do the same soon?

it takes a lot to admit that you were not only wrong, but that you got played

the best lessons i have ever learned came from me being wrong about something i thought i knew (believe it or not, it has happened)

former obama supporters, come to the light

it is not about my team vs your team, as shown in madmans links

dem and rep are just two sides of the same worthless wooden nickel

the truth is what you should seek, not what you want to be true because it suits your ideals

walk into the woods until you can no longer see any advertisements, hear any traffic or smell any smog

drink a 40

smoke a blunt

listen to some beethoven

ponder what real truth is as opposed to what you want to be true or what society has accepted is “true”

you will have an epiphany

you will ascend to a higher plane of consciousness

you will become a god among men

you will become cockstrong