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You may have heard of the injustice that I endured while I visited a local McDonald’s food eatery from my latest entry in the Made/Ruined your Day thread and or my latest Facebook status. If you haven’t, I suggest you add me on because my life is very important that I actually need a page all to myself to document my activities from IRL on my pseudo internet life on the internet. Apparently, we are all THAT important.

Just another day at a McDonald’s, right? Somewhat clean floors, a stack of old paper thingies blind people touch because they don’t have the internet and an advertisement for an item of food I enjoy chewing up in mah mouth. The McRib. I see the sign, think to myself, “I would like this. I’m going to order this right now.” I casually and non-chalantly make my way to the counter and request the McRib that is so conviently displayed in their establishment of delicisies and fine drinks.

I ask, “Good day ma’am, how are you this fine evening? I am quite starved and looking for a tastey feast that will make my tastebuds cum on my tongue and out my mouth. I will like to have that this here McRib that I’ve fancied since I layed eyes upon it onceth I entered this fine eatery here.”

Then she says “What?”

“Mcrib, you got that right?” I point to the sign behind me.

She says to me like that sign behind me doesn’t exist….”We don’t have those.”


These weren’t my exact words, but I think later on she totally felt my anquish and dismay when I sat right there at that table, exhaling pretty loud and staring with the most angriest and probably saddest of eyes right at that sign that they used to mock me and everything the American McRib way of life stands for.

I am the 99%.