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Subes, The server thing led


Subes, The server thing led to a web strategy company running all of it together, which suggest it is true after all, or a huge conflict of interest for Adept. Quoting myself to avoid re-typing:

They’re registered through Adept Mobile, apparently his overall company, but he’s also listed as Mixed Martial Arts llc. on several of the listings; which could be a connection after all as he may have used the forum as marketing outlet for the UFC and other brands (Tapout, Hitman) after all.  But he could also just be a web marketer who gets around in the fairly insular world of MMA.

While I don’t care that they run both and Zuffa sites, it does seem to prove Thing’s original point.  While you know I can’t stand anything that comes out that guy’s mouth, it seems to suggest this is what Dana meant by ‘We wouldn’t be here if not for the internet’

PS – please con Rod into more Jackal radio.