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Everything I write and do on FL cannot be taken seriously. Don’t let it get to you personally because it might as well have been anyone else, you just keep eating your vitamins for your depleted cartilage. It’s just that you said something unintentionally funny, and I couldn’t resist pouncing all over it. People have called me a dick IRL because of what I say. I just want to let you know that I don’t hate you, I only do this because it makes other people laugh and indirectly or directly it may hurt your internet feelings. It may be because I have less feelings than others. I don’t know when I take jokes too far. I seriously don’t know at which point people get butthurt. It’s different for everybody. I only know when people reply back to me in tears, and in your case, sufferings and all the bloods.



PS. Remember when I said everything I do on here cannot be taken seriously? Because I didn’t mean anything I said just now and I really do think you’re a bitch.

PSS. I only wrote that PS above because I thought it would be funny. Don’t take it seriously bro. I love you. I just want to throw cake in a barrel, shoot it, and then eat it.