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Thank you, iamphoenix for proving my point. Good boy. Its funny how you knew I was talking about you. Just cause you’re a closet-homo for Bieber. Doesnt mean you got to project your hate for your “hidden” self on everyone else, be a man and just beat it to your avatar or all the other pic/posters of Bieber you have on your walls. Before you post any thing maybe your quit being such a cock and learn to take some constuctive criticism. And listen little boy. I dont give a Fuc8k if you were helping spread Imperialism around the globe(US military). I bet in real life your a insignificant piece of shit who’s only real way to feel like he’s worth a damn is to be a Prick/narcissist on the internet.

Shit you even made up a whole made-up email & book just to show your “dominance” in the Most insecure contest. I have no intenion on being a “jackel” why would I want to be a douchebag savant. So thanks again. 

But seriously man you got some talent and energy you need to focus that shit on something besides being a douche