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I just fell its going to be

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I just fell its going to be an early stoppage. Because cain got no KO power in those piter-pater punches from top control (Nog had Staph & Lesnar’s not even a fighter he’s just a PR tool). Re-watch the Kongo & Rothwell fight you’ll see. I believe let the fight go on till he taps or goes limp. THESE ARE PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS by choice. Their livelihood depends on the W. So I just HOPE that BJM(who does this) doesnt get caught in the hype of it all and call it early. Because Cain got a suspect chin, watch the kongo fight. Cain gets ROCKED like 3 times then grinds out a win.

Cain just like Jones both got very carefully selected opponents on there QUICK rises to the Top. Mostly Pride vets who where Honesty past their prime or the game had evolved past them or TUF Alum.


Anywho, I call JDS via TKO any round ( its all about his takedown defense which we have not seen) OR Cain via early BS stoppage. We all play along when shit gets intense even the Ref. And we all sense Blood fury even if it’s not really effective). then we all get a rematch !whoreray! Fu*k i hope that doesnt happen but I bet the UFC doe$$$.