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I hacked into peedators

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I hacked into peedators message system. These are my findings:


Dear Ryan,

A few GUYS have Been giving me a lot OF flak and ARE being total dicks to me. I don’t UNDERSTAND why. I leave nice comments and such. Did you know my cartideldge is depleting from my entire body? Like Dick I train five, count em, oNE, TWO, THrEE, FoUR, FIVE, dayS a WEek. I love you and everything you do. I wish I can wear your dirty tshirts. Maybe one day you will visit me and we will be inside each others shirts.I don’t deserve these tears they make me CRY out my FACE EYES. I left them a message in the forums. I think they got my message and I’m pretty SURE the wILL stoP their SILly gAmEs and fiNaLLY respect me.





I just maY savE YUR LIFE one day Imma EMT